Who am I
Hey there,

My name is Christiaan Bloemendaal and I am currently living in Breda, The Netherlands.
I'm studying International Game Architecture and Design at NHTV where I'm following the programming track.

I like to play video games, compose music, and I especially love programming.
When I say I love programming, I mean it. I spend most of my (free) time building small programs that tend to make my life a bit easier. Sometimes, when I feel a bit funkier, I tackle a bigger project and waste my nights away on that.

My projects usually reside on my GitHub. You can browse some of my projects there as I tend to make them open source.
Whenever I decide to start a programming project I get to choose from the following languages:
  • C#
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
I am almost done studying and that means I'm looking for a job.
If I sparked some interest, feel free to download my cv or send a message to contact@tnrd.net.
FRU is a puzzle platformer that features an innovative use of Kinect, in which your silhouette becomes a "portal" between two worlds.

You will find yourself solving puzzles by strategically positioning your body, combining physical interaction with traditional platforming.

Be precise, be careful, take on a funny pose, but most importantly, be creative with your body! Every level can be solved in multiple ways, with different poses. What sort of creative solutions can you come up with?

Discover the turbulent past of the FRU temple... through the lense of your silhouette!



More information
You can purchase FRU for the Xbox One through the Microsoft Store.
For more information on FRU please visit frugame.com

The Unknown 3000
The Unknown 300 is a game about avoiding enemies. You take control of to spaceships that are connected to each other by a laser-sine-wave.

Moving the spaceships further away from or closer towards each other affects the speed of the game, allowing the player to take partial control of the pace of the game.

The Unknown is a game created during Global Game Jam 2016 with the theme: "Waves".


More information
For more information on The Unknown 3000 please visit globalgamejam.org

The Unknown
Prevent the demon from spawning with this little arcade game by matching the colors of the spawning ritual! Best played with a steering wheel controller.

The Unknown is a game created during Global Game Jam 2016 with the theme: "Ritual".


More information
For more information on The Unknown please visit globalgamejam.org

One By One
"One by One, baby. One in Five. No one here gets out alive." This is the philosophy that drives the game's cynical Arena Lord.

In an empty battleground, three brave contestants plan their moves, unaware of how the fight will unfold.

The player records the action of each character, one after the other, trying to anticipate how all of their moves will eventually play together.

One By One is a game created during Global Game Jam 2015 with the theme: "What do we do now?".


More information
For more information on One By One please visit itch.io
Automatron is the automation tool for the editor. No need to write tiny scripts that fix an issue, just select some automations, connect them and you're done.

Automatron comes with over 3500 automations out of the box which you can use however you want. If these don't suit your needs you can also simply create your own.

Don't want to write those custom automations manually? Fret not, you can use the automation generator on your custom classes and let it generate all those automations for you!


More information
You can purchase Automatron on the Unity Asset Store.
For more information on Automatron please visit the Automatron docs.

Spartan Hub
Spartan Hub is a companion that helps you in getting a quick overview of your stats for Halo 5.

You can quickly see your SR and the XP necessary for the next level and your rank for every playlist you qualified in.

Besides that you'll see what commendations that reward you with requisition packs are close to completing, so that you can focus on completing those!

Then there are the requisitions. There's a quick view of how many requisitions you still need to unlock for every rarity, however, there is also a bigger overview that shows you how many requisitions for what category you still need to unlock.


More information
You can download Spartan Hub on the Chrome Webstore.
Spartan Hub is open source and hosted on GitHub.
Unity3D Toolbox
Here is a collection of other (small) Unity projects that I've made.
Extended Editor
Extended Editor is an entity-like framework for building editors in Unity3D. It's goal is to abstract Unity's editor layer and create an easier, hassle free base on which you can build your own editor.
It comes with a window manager, custom controls, input manager, modal windows, and serialization.
GitHub Repository
Extended Event
Extended Event is a simple replacement for Unity3D's UnityEvent and offers a wider range of options.
It works on fields, properties, and methods. It also supports methods that need multiple parameters.
GitHub Repository
Component Attribute
Component Attribute is an attribute that loads Components for you.
It works on fields and properties, can add missing components, and can be executed through this.LoadComponents();
GitHub Repository
Resources Attribute
Resources Attribute is an attribute that loads Resources for you.
It works on fields and properties, can load single or multiple resources, and can be executed through this.LoadResources();
GitHub Repository
Execution Order Attribute
Execution Order attribute is an attribute that allows you to easily set the executinon order of your class.
It works on MonoBehaviours and ScriptableObjects.
GitHub Repository
Icon Manager
Icon Manager is a small extension that lets you change the icons of GameObjects through code.
GitHub Repository

Google Chrome Extensions
Here is a collection of some simple extensions I've made for Google Chrome.
Vidya is an extension that enables YouTube-like keyboard shortcuts on HTML5 video elements.
It also saves the current time of the video so that you can continue where you left off when needed.
GitHub Repository
NoMo is an extension that converts mobile links into desktop links.
GitHub Repository
CGDQG (Current Games Done Quick Game) is an extension that scrolls to the active game.
GitHub Repository